With over 300 labels and approximately 6000 bottles, CORK&SCREW boasts a stellar selection for all types of wines from single varietals to blends from France, Australia, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Germany, South Africa, America, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, and Canada.

At CORK&SCREW, we understand that temperature and humidity are important as the wine's quality is affected by the way a bottle is stored. For that reason, we maintain the quality of our wines by keeping a constant temperature of 18-20 degrees Celsius for red wine, 8-10 degrees Celsius for white wines, And a crisp 6 degrees Celsius for ice and dessert wines. All wines are kept at a humidity of 60% - 70%. Quality degradation of our wines is something we take very seriously; therefore, all of our wines are stored away from direct sunlight, and kept at their proper humidity level.

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